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What is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO builds off the legacy of its predecessor, Emsculpt, by simultaneously emitting both radiofrequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies. The end result is more fat reduction and muscle growth, than any single gold standard product, for less time and less money. Best of all, Emsculpt NEO has broad appeal as it can treat patients up to BMI 35!

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Emsculpt NEO | Reduce Fat & Build Strong Muscles

Emsculpt NEO is the only FDA-cleared treatment for building strong muscles and burning stubborn fat. Studies show the new body shaping procedure increases muscle by 25% while decreasing fat by 30%. These results make Emsculpt NEO the most effective non-invasive body shaping treatment available today. In addition, the convenient, 30-minute treatment transforms the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. Best of all, Emsculpt NEO sessions are virtually painless and require no downtime.

Learn more about the treatment taking the body shaping industry by storm. Contact Hartley Health and Wellness to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about Emsculpt NEO. Hartley Health and Wellness is the leading provider of Emsculpt NEO in the Canton, Georgia area. Call us at (678) 880-6698 to schedule your consultation.

Benefits of Emsculpt Neo Hartley Medspa and Wellness

Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

How does Emsculpt NEO work?

Emsculpt NEO is based on an applicator simultaneously emitting synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies.

Due to the radio-frequency heating, the muscle temperature quickly rises by several degrees. This prepares muscles for exposure to stress, similar to what a warm up activity does before any workout. In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.*

Bypassing the brain limitations, HIFEM+ energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout. Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibers and cells. Clinical studies* showed on average of a 25% growth in muscle volume.

Before & After Emsculpt NEO

*results may vary

How is Emsculpt NEO different from the original Emsculpt Treatment?

Emsculpt NEO uses the same High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy of the original muscle building treatment. The difference is Emsculpt NEO combines HIFEM with Radiofrequency (RF) energy. The addition of RF technology enhances the procedure’s fat-reducing effects. Furthermore, the new treatment is ideal for most body types with a BMI of up to 35.

How does this treatment work?

During the 30-minute Emsculpt NEO session, an applicator emits both HIFEM and RF energies. Radiofrequency delivers thermal energy to the tissue, warming up the muscles while heating fat cells. However, within a few minutes, the subcutaneous fat cells start to die, undergoing lipolysis (“lipo” = fat cell + “lysis” = cell death.)
Concurrently, the HIFEM energy penetrates muscle tissues stimulating powerful contractions known as supramaximal contractions. This type of superhuman contraction works the muscles more intensely than anything possible with manual exercise. By the end of the session, this treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions within the targeted muscle group. As a result, the body creates more muscle cells and enhances existing muscle fibers to adapt to the stress of the contractions.
After the session, the dead fat cells are collected by the lymphatic system and flushed from the body over several weeks. Once fat cells leave the body, they cannot grow back or be replaced. This leads to long-lasting fat reduction.


After Emsculpt NEO, many people experience mild muscle soreness for a few days. This sensation is similar to the soreness felt following a challenging workout. While results are possible after one Emsculpt NEO session, typical treatment plans consist of 4 sessions, spaced 5 to 10 days apart.
Clinical studies show Emsculpt NEO results in dramatic changes to the physique. On average, people experience a 25% increase in muscle and/or a 30% decrease in fat.

Emsculpt NEO Cost

Each body shaping treatment is created to fit the needs and aesthetic goals of the patient. Therefore, the Emsculpt NEO cost varies. During a consultation with Hartley Health and Wellness, prices for the popular body shaping treatment are discussed. You can also learn about payment options and how you can save on the Emsculpt NEO cost.

Emsculpt NEO Treatment Areas

This treatment is FDA cleared to treat 4 areas on the body. The areas include:
Treatment Areas Emsculpt Neo - Hartley Medspa and Wellness
Treatment Areas Mobile Emsculpt Neo - Hartley Medspa and Wellness


Transform your physique in a revolutionary way with Emsculpt NEO. Patients wishing to reduce stubborn fat and build strong, sexy muscles should contact Hartley Health and Wellness. Schedule your consultation to learn more about Emsculpt NEO, discover if it is right for you, and receive your personal treatment plan. Call us at (678) 880-6698 to schedule your consultation now or reach out to us online to learn more.
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Why select Hartley Health and Wellness for Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt NEO is a technique-sensitive procedure. Patients living in Georgia who want the best, safest body shaping treatment select Hartley Health and Wellness as their primary Emsculpt NEO provider. Hartley Health and Wellness is the leading provider of safe, effective body shaping treatments in Canton, Georgia. We place extreme emphasis on patient results and satisfaction, as well as their safety and wellbeing.


After experiencing my first colonic hydrotherapy session, I feel lighter as well as more energetic. I was unaware of all the toxins and parasites that are shedded with this process. This will definitely be part of my ongoing health maintenance. Thank you!
– Alexis W.
Due to my diagnosis 9 years ago, my body doesn’t react very well to most medications. I was recommended to the Hartley Group through my colleague. I am glad I found them. Shanda proceeded with a more wholistic approach, which I am seeing progress. Thank you! You’re services are much appreciated!
– Cheryl J.
Hi Shanda – Thank you so much for your time and attention yesterday with my parents. My parents really liked you. And I am so glad to finally have had the opportunity to meet you as well! I will keep you in my prayers for your ulcerative colitis (remember my mom having real difficulty with it at one point in her life). Also, thoughts and prayers for health & happiness with both you and your husband. Thank him for his service to our Country. Have you on portal but everything seems well with them. I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!
– Diane S.
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*Results and patient experience may vary. Patients shown in the B&A pictures are within +/- 5 lbs of their original weight unless specified. As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the Emsculpt procedure is right for you. Emsculpt® is intended for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of a firmer abdomen. Strengthening, toning, firming of buttocks, thighs, and calves. Improvement of muscle tone and firmness, for strengthening muscles in arms.