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Improve Your Health with IV Therapy in Canton, GA

IV therapy is an effective way to get essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Unlike oral supplements, which your body may not fully absorb, IV vitamins provide a direct route to the bloodstream for 100% absorption. This means you can get the nourishment your body needs at a cellular level, potentially speeding up healing and recovery.Besides promoting overall health, some people turn to IV drips to aid with weight loss, improve physical performance, and fight aging signs. If you're ready to give IV therapy a try, visit Hartley Health and Wellness in Canton, GA. We offer plenty of IV drip options, including the body booster IV, the hangover cure IV, the skin illuminator IV, and more. Call 678-880-6698 to book a free consultation today.

IV Therapy Benefits

IV therapy is a treatment method that involves delivering liquids directly into a patient's vein. Hospitals often use it to administer medications and quick hydration. But it's become more popular as a wellness treatment over the years. IV drips offer a plethora of benefits:

How IV Therapy Works

IV therapy involves the insertion of a small, thin tube called an IV catheter into a patient's vein. The IV catheter connects to a bag of fluids, which can contain various substances like saline, vitamins, minerals, and medications. The bag stays on a hook or stand, and a pump or gravity flow controls the rate at which the fluids go into the patient's body. Depending on the specific type of IV therapy you're getting and your unique needs, the duration of the treatment can vary.

Why IV Vitamins Are More Effective than Oral Vitamins

While oral vitamins are convenient, they may not be as effective as IV vitamins. Your digestive system only absorbs about 20% of the vitamins and minerals you consume orally [1]. In contrast, IV vitamins go directly into your bloodstream, providing 100% absorption. This method allows your body to use the nutrients at a cellular level [2]. With IV vitamin therapy, you can get a higher concentration of vitamins without upsetting the digestive system.

IV Therapy Cost

At Hartley and Wellness, we work with you to create a customized IV drip treatment plan that meets your needs. The cost of your IV therapy treatment may vary depending on the specific combination of vitamins and nutrients prescribed, the number of IV drips you need, and any promotions or package pricing that may be available.

Here is our menu of services:

In addition to these IV blends, we offer additives for $15 each:

With a personalized approach and flexible pricing options, we're here to help you stay healthy at a price that fits your budget.

IV Therapy in Canton, GA

Hartley Health and Wellness is a prominent IV provider in Canton, GA. Our team of medical professionals provides personalized, patient-centered care to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. We offer a range of IV drip treatments that our doctors carefully craft to meet your unique needs. Learn more about IV therapy and find out how it could benefit you by booking a free consultation. Call us at 678-880-6698 to get started!

IV Therapy FAQs

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Benefits?

The length of time it takes to feel the benefits of IV therapy depends on your treatment plan. For example, if you aim to boost energy levels, you may notice the effects within four days to two weeks following treatment. But if you're trying to accelerate your metabolism or clear your skin, it may take at least three weeks to see positive changes.

How Often Should I Get IV Therapy?

Depending on your unique circumstances and wellness goals, you may get IV therapy sessions as often as one to two times a week. But some patients don't need to get drips as often. During your initial consultation, we'll create a treatment plan to address your specific ailments.

Does IV Therapy Detox the Body?

IV therapy provides your liver and kidneys with essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. As a result, it enhances and boosts the natural detoxification process for your body.

Is IV Therapy Good For the Liver?

IV therapy is safe for those with liver disease. It can give your body the nutrients it needs to heal and recover. IV drips can also alleviate some liver disorder symptoms.


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2. Larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration, Science Daily, University of Helsinki

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